Understand The Installation Space Of Blind Rivet Nut

  • Rivet nuts are one of the materials with the highest usage rate in hardware materials. They often appear in various metal materials. The main function is to fasten the material. It also solves the problem of easy welding deformation when the base material is used. The internal thread has the shortcomings of slippery teeth, it is very fixed when locking the material, it is also very convenient to use, and it is more convenient to store. It is one of the important hardware materials for production and industrial use. And blind rivet nut is also very important.

    The blind rivet nut is easy to use, no noise, and beautiful, which is a good substitute for the traditional welding nut process. At the same time, the installation space is small, and the work can be completed in a small space, which is more convenient to use than the installation of welding nuts and pressure riveting nuts.

    Blind rivet nut can obtain blind hole threads with waterproof and sealing characteristics; it is suitable for scenarios where some groups have waterproof requirements and are difficult to press.

    The countersunk head rivet nut is different from the blind rivet nut. The countersunk head rivet nut has an angle of 90°/120°, and a small chamfer is required after the opening of the head.