Types Of Hex Rivet Nut

  • There are many types of fasteners, among which non-detachable fasteners are rivet nuts. The hex rivet nut is also a kind of rivet nut.

    The hex rivet nut is a novel and practical sheet metal fastener product. The deformation of the rivet nut is similar to the bulging deformation process of cylindrical parts or pipe materials. Generally, the bulging coefficient is used to express the degree of bulging deformation. A hex rivet nut is one of the more commonly used blind rivet nuts. The head type includes countersunk head hexagon rivet nut, round head hexagon rivet nut, flat head hex rivet nut, small countersunk head hex rivet nut, etc. A hex rivet nut is divided into full hex rivet nut, half hex rivet nut, hex rivet nut.

    Rivet nuts are widely used on aluminum alloy substrates with different thicknesses and steel plates with a thickness of 1-2.5mm. The connection of steel rivet nuts in aluminum alloy components eliminates the cumbersome and manufacturability of embedding steel plates inside. Significant improvement.

    The half hex rivet nut means that half of the rivet nut has a hexagonal column and half a cylinder. Its function and effect are not much different from half hex rivet nut, but the specifications are different.