Use Of Custom Rivet Nut

  • There are many types of rivet nuts. When you first start contacting, you often get confused and don’t know what kind of rivet nut you need. At this time, we can choose a custom rivet nut , which can solve the problem quickly.

    The rivet nut is longitudinally compressed by the rivet screw to clamp the riveted object. During riveting, to ensure that the rivet nut is not damaged, it should be gently put in by hand, and the riveting must be perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. Before riveting, the screw on the riveting must be adjusted to 23 threads, and then the riveting nut must be screwed on. Riveted. In this way, each rivet nut can evenly bear the bearing capacity, thereby improving the fatigue resistance of the rivet nut and extending its useful life. At present, it is widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decorations, etc.

    The knurled rivet nut can also be applied to these industries, but the models and sizes are different, so choose the one that suits your needs.