Selection Of Thread Size Of Stainless Steel Rivet Nut?

  • Rivet nuts can also be called rivets, nuts, or plate nuts. The easiest way to put the internal thread into the panel is to use a rivet nut that can be installed very easily with a hand tool. All you need to do is to use machine screws or bolts as accessories. Avoid using welding equipment or special installation machinery for rivet nuts. However, there are many types of rivet nuts, such as stainless steel rivet nut and rivet nut aluminium. How can we know if it is suitable for our application?

    The five main aspects you need to consider are thread size, material, body shape, head shape, and material thickness, which is the clamping range. Today we talk about thread size.

    You may only need to replace the existing thread with a rivet nut so that you can use it as a similar thread size. If the installation is new, it is worth studying the surrounding area to ensure that the proper size rivet nut can be installed without compromising the blind-side protrusion and anchoring ability. Of course, heavy-duty applications certainly require larger rivet nuts to accommodate larger thread sizes.

    The above is the thread size issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing rivet nuts. The same is true when purchasing rivet nut aluminium . Pay attention to the size.