What To Pay Attention To When Installing Knurled Rivet Nut

  • Around us, the market will see rivet nuts, and rivet nuts have become ubiquitous. Although it is not large, it plays a very important role in our lives. Like the knurled rivet nut and other rivet nuts, we can often see rivet nuts.

    knurled rivet nut is a very common tool, both in industry and in life. Therefore, knurled rivet nut has manufacturers all over the world, and there are many. When installing rivet nuts, we also need to pay attention to the following installation taboos to prevent rivet nut fasteners from not working properly: 1. When installing rivet nut fasteners made of steel or stainless steel, be sure to ensure that the aluminum plate is installed. The anode has undergone surface treatment or oxidation treatment; 2. To make the riveting fasteners and the board firmly connected, try not to remove the burrs on the riveting nut fasteners during installation. 3. Do not install at a distance shorter than the required distance of nuts, studs, and other fasteners from the edge of the board.

    The above are some points to pay attention to when installing the custom rivet nut and other rivet nuts.