Some Knowledge About Carbon Steel Rivet Nut And Installation Me

  • Many of the rivet nuts we use are more common. carbon steel rivet nut is also very common because it can be used in all walks of life.

    Carbon steel rivet nuts are a kind of riveting fasteners---squeezing riveting fasteners. The processing technology is complicated. Now it is widely used in various industries, such as chassis, cabinets, sheet metal, communication equipment, electronics, etc. It can be applied if there is a metal shell that requires a thread. There are two processing techniques: one is turning and the other is cold heading. Naturally, turning rivet nuts are better, and each size is more accurate.

    The installation method of the pressure riveting nut: First, open a preset hole in the board. The size of the preset hole is slightly smaller than the size of the embossed teeth of the pressure riveting nut. The nut is pressed against the board by pressure and the embossed teeth of the nut squeeze into the board. On the upper part, some plastic deformation of the board flows into the undercut groove of the pressure riveting nut, thereby producing a tightening effect. This installation tool can be a professional riveting machine or a punching machine transformation or a guide machine.

    Of course, flat head rivet nut can be used in a very wide range, and because of its unique characteristics, many rivet nuts can not do it, it can also do it.