Installation Of Blind Rivet Nut Pressure Riveting And Blind Riv

  • Rivet nuts are basically applicable to various industries, so the scope of application is very wide. A blind rivet nut is one of them, and it has a wide range of applications and many materials. But many people don't know how to turn a fan even if they buy it back, so let's take a look.

    However, the rivet nut is pressed into the steel plate. It is usually suitable for thicker steel plate. The nut will not deform after being installed, but the hole on the steel plate should be enlarged. Blind rivet nuts clamp the steel plate in the middle, which is suitable for thinner steel plates. After installation, the steel plate does not deform, but the nut deforms to clamp the steel plate. If the pressure riveting nut installation is professional, you need to open the abrasive tool, use a pressure riveting machine, if it is non-professional, install a few by yourself and you can directly use an awl. Riveting needs to use a riveting gun (manual or pneumatic), using a hammer has no effect.

    The above is the installation and usage tutorial of blind rivet nut and blind rivet nut, countersunk head rivet nut is also installed in this way.