How To Use Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts

  • Rivet nuts are very versatile, so most people also like it. Among them, rivet nut aluminium is also very popular. But for some people, the use of rivet nut aluminium has become a problem. Many people know rivet nut aluminium, but do not know how to use them properly. Let's talk about how to use rivet nut aluminium. The most correct usage.

    First, we need to find a long screw that matches the thread of the rivet nut aluminium. Or use a steel file to polish one end of the screw into a rectangle. The second step is to find a large piece of plastic and start drilling. In the third step, we immediately insert the rivet nut aluminium into the plastic card. The fourth step is to screw in the screws from behind the rivet nut aluminium. Then put a washer on the screw. The fifth step is to tighten the extension nut to prevent the rivet nut aluminium from slipping. In the sixth step, we use pliers to clamp the polished end of the screw, and then tighten the extension nut with a wrench, and then riveting or pressing the rivet nut aluminium. Then look at the back of the rivet nut aluminium. The seventh step is to install the aluminum front of the rivet nut.

    In addition to manganese steel round nuts, some nuts require professional tools for pulling or riveting, such as stainless steel or other hard materials. We cannot do this successfully with a screwdriver. We can only use professional tools to operate.

    For stainless steel rivet nut , the methods of use are mostly the same.