What is the best way to use a fan?

  • Place your fan so that it faces the opposite wall from where most of the activity takes place in your space. This approach will drive the air to the surface, where it will bounce off, mingling with the rest of the air and cooling the space.

    Why is a fan called a fan?
    “Fan” is also the word for something for blowing air with. It came from the Latin word “vannus” and originally meant “shovel or basket for tossing and winnowing grain”. There is even a suggestion that sports fans originally were the people, who fanned themselves and that way they got their names.

    Like wall fans

    Are wall fans effective?
    Wall fans are the most power-saving fans. They consume way less electricity than ceiling fans. These fans are very economical to use as they can reduce your electricity bills by half. Though they consume less electricity they are as good as ceiling fan.

    ECO Farm 16 /18 Inch High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

    ECO Farm 16/18" Wall Mounted Fan with Oscillating Function to easily change the direction of the fan, allowing you to customize the airflow area and range. Wall fans are made of metal fan grilles and solid steel neck supports. The ECO Farm wall fan is a good size, quiet, powerful and has a small user space, which gives you a comfortable space and is easy to clean. The quiet and powerful motor will generate a cool breeze, perfect for your grow room, greenhouse or other small or larger areas. The fan is easy to use and operates using a pull string on the bottom of the main body.

    ECO Farm Easy Installation Air Conditioner Commercial Planting Air Cooling Fan

    High density& thickened cooling pad
    Aluminium alloy fan blade
    Double filtration pump
    Pure copper core motor

    ECO Farm 6 Inch Grow Tent Fan with 120 Degree Clip and 2 Speed Control

    This fan is specifically designed to easily attach to a 15–26mm (0.59" to 1") pole in a grow tent. The clip has rubber inside to ensure the fan doesn’t move when it oscillates. Higher Yield: The benefits of installing such a fan in your grow tent include reducing mold, keeping temperatures constant, improving ventilation and promoting root growth, which means larger plants and higher yields. The fan can swing 120 degrees or stand still. The 6" triple helix fan blades are angled to provide efficient airflow with high and low settings to keep you and your plants cool and comfortable. Fans have high and low speeds. The fan can be adjusted to direct airflow exactly where you need it.

    In conclusion:Wall fans are one of the most economical fans in India. They save a lot of electricity and fall on the affordable side too. There are many benefits of a wall fan. Wall fans are those fans that are mounted to the walls. Unlike ceiling fans, the blades of wall fans are enclosed in a cage. These fans oscillate in different directions and circulate air only in one direction at a time. Wall fans are generally very underrated and not that spoken about. They, however, have a lot of benefits that people don’t know about. Wall fans are one of the most economical fans in India. A wall-mounted fan is advisable when floor space is an issue. Wall-mounted fans work a bit differently from ceiling fans. While a ceiling fan circulates air, wall-mounted fans push air around the area they are installed in. There are many benefits of a wall fan.

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