2022s Top 4 Solar-Panels for Greenhouse

  • Harnessing the power of the sun is really the root reason you built a backyard greenhouse, after all. Plants use the sun to grow, and you want to grow more plants. All greenhouses are technically “solar,” but let’s talk about what you can do when your greenhouses’ electricity uses photovoltaic power (the traditional method of solar power). Specifically: what you can do with airflow. More specifically: what a few solar-powered greenhouse exhaust fans can do for your greenhouse’s airflow.

    About Solar Panels
    Want to explore more about all the ways you can utilize solar energy (with photovoltaic cells or without) in your greenhouse endeavors? Using photovoltaic panels to capture the sun’s rays in order to transmute them to electricity that powers your greenhouse’s devices is a brilliant way to go even more eco with your greenhouse projects. Whatever the reason you’ve turned to solar, adding a solar-powered fan to your greenhouse is a fun and effective step toward making your life more environmentally friendly. Ready to save money on your electric bills and use less fossil fuel power? It’s time to go solar.


    ECO Farm SP380W-36V Mono Solar Panel

    The ECO Farm SP380W-36V Mono Solar Panel absorbs sunlight, has fundamentally better solar cells, and provides unmatched reliability and maximum efficiency.

    ECO Farm SM150W Mono Solar Panel

    New Design: Higher cells efficiency, better light converting rate
    Warranty: 25-year transferable power output warranty
    Leading Warranty in PV Industry.25 year transferrable power output warranty: 10 years / 90%, 25 years / 80%;Linear performance warranty from MUST ENERGY.

    ECO Farm SM300W Mono Solar Panel

    ECO Farm 36V 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel PV Panel

    ECO Farm 36V 330W polycrystalline size 2000*1020*85mm, volume 0.18 double-chip package. Outstanding weak light-generating performance with A grade solar panel(morning, nightfall, cloudy & rainy day). Anti-reflective material not only increases light absorption but also reduces the power loss by solar panel self-cleaning function under rainy environment.
    Perfect for grid applications and off-grid applications.

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