Why Choose High Tenacity Polyester Fabric

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      High-tenacity (HT) yarns are mainly used in fabrics produced for outdoor or industrial applications. High-tenacity yarns are also used to make some specially coated fabrics for replacing heavy materials with lightweight materials, but with the same strength. Various high-strength yarns include polyester high-strength yarn, nylon 6 high-strength yarn, and nylon 66 high-strength yarn

      high tenacity polyester fabric is used in different applications such as;



      Canvas fabric, tent fabric;



      seat belt;

      Construction Textiles.

      In addition to the main HT yarns, we also offer application-specific yarns with twisted, dope-dyed, and different mechanical properties.

      Abrasion-resistant yarns have a higher coefficient of friction than concentrated HT yarns and are used in safety belts, ropes, seat belts, and applications requiring high friction.

      Ultra-low shrinkage yarn. These yarns have lower shrinkage in boiling water than conventional HT normal shrinkage yarns. Awnings, membranes, and air filters are some of the applications where it is used.

      Multiply industrial yarns. We can supply multi-ply yarns mixed or twisted for specific applications.

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