What Is Corduroy

  •   Corduroy is a durable ridged fabric that textile manufacturers can make from a variety of different materials. What is most striking about this fabric is its unique ridge pattern, which corduroy producers can weave in various widths. Although it is usually made of cotton, corduroy can also be woven with a blend of polyester and cotton or even all polyester. It can be called polyester corduroy fabric.

      Textile manufacturers also sometimes make corduroy from wool, but the ridges on wool corduroy are not as pronounced as those on corduroy made from other materials. Fabric manufacturers dye corduroy in a variety of different colors, and one of the corduroy dyes can cause uneven fading, which is very beautiful.

      In the 1970s, corduroy saw a widespread revival in Western culture, with bands like the Grateful Dead re-populating the fabric in the United States. Sometimes seen as a throwback to the working-class culture of the early 20th century, sometimes as a "funky" fabric with unique colors and textures, corduroy quickly became the iconic fabric of the era.

      Corduroy fabrics are used in the production of clothing and furniture products. Manufacturers use this fabric to make everything from upholstery to workwear. However, this fabric is used to make different garments such as pants, jackets, shirts, uniforms, skirts, pillows, upholstery and suits. Corduroy is often used by furniture and accessory manufacturers to make chair and sofa covers, as well as decorative cushions.

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