Awning Motors Factory Introduces What Is A Tubular Motor


    Awning Motors Factory introduces that the tubular motor is a high-performance tubular motor. It includes a tubular casing and a drive assembly, a stop assembly and a mileage control assembly that are supported in the tubular casing through a bearing seat. The brake assembly includes the motor. Right shaft fixing parts and right shafts, as well as electromagnet right shaft fixing parts, electromagnets, lever brake department, etc. The motor right shaft fixing piece is fixed on the right end of the low-speed motor to support one end of the right shaft. The electromagnet right shaft fixing piece is installed on the right shaft, the electromagnet is fixed on the electromagnet right shaft fixing piece, the lever brake mechanism is arranged on the right shaft and is located in the cavity between the right shaft and the tubular casing. The iron makes the bridge brake department brake. The tubular motor superimposes the spring force of the compression spring to reduce the power of the electromagnet. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and fast starting. The brake assembly has a novel concept and a reasonable structure. It has fast braking speed, better braking effect and long service life. The advantages. It can be widely used in various electric curtains, shading systems, shadow screens and other products.  

    The tubular motor is composed of a single-phase asynchronous motor, an electromagnetic brake device, a stroke control device, and a planetary reducer. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, etc. It is matched with electric curtains, semi-automatic awnings (shades), electric garage doors, store rolling gates, etc. At present, most of them are used in tourist attractions, home furnishings, etc. Office buildings, shops and other premises.

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