Awning Motors Factory Introduces The Installation Knowledge Of


    Awning Motors Factory introduces how to install electric rolling door?

    1. The inspection site should have the necessary installation conditions. The power has been turned on, and the opening should be flat and regular.

    2. Re-check that the opening size of the door should be consistent with the opening size on the engineering preparation sheet and the site conditions. If the original size is not measured correctly or the site conditions are not measured correctly, it should be reported to the company immediately.

    3. Check whether the tool you bring should complete the installation task.

    4. When unpacking and inspecting the rolling door, there must be no obvious omissions or missing parts.

    5. Compare and compare with the engineering preparation list, check the length and manufacturing method of main components such as blinds, guide rails, roller shutter shafts, end caps, etc. There should be no errors or errors affecting installation and operation. Shutters. 1. Fix the guide rail and end cover on the wall (or mounting bracket).

    Operation steps: According to the specific conditions of the wall, use expansion screws, self-drilling screws or wood screws to fix the guide rail and end cover on the wall. Installation requirements:

    ①Do not loosen when tightening the screws.

    ②The dimensional error of the installation of the guide rail and the end cover should meet the requirements of the assembly drawing.

    2. Put the reel (including the curtain sheet and its accessories, roller blind shaft, motor and accessories components, and tie it with a rope to tightly roll the curtain sheet on the roller blind shaft) into the two end plates. pace:

    ①Put the square block of the motor into the square slot of the end cover. Please note that the round hole of the square block of the motor and the square slot of the end cover should be in the same direction.

    ②Put the square block of the support shaft into the square groove of the final animal board. Please note that the bracket axis can be moved. The round hole of the square block of the support shaft should be in the same direction as the round hole of the square block on the end cover. on.

    ③Connect the two ends of the reel with cotter pins (that is, insert the cotter pins into the square block and the round holes in the square groove).

    Through the above introduction, Alexa Controlled Blinds Company  hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.