Roller blinds motor that makes electric roller blind work


    The roller blinds motor can drive the electric roller blind to make the electric roller blind operate.

    Electric roller blinds are divided into electric opening and closing curtain series, electric lifting curtain series, electric ceiling curtains, including outdoor electric ceilings and indoor electric ceilings, electric sun visors, electric awnings, etc. according to different operating mechanisms and decorative effects.

    roller blinds motors usually use built-in or external power transformers, which are safe and low energy consumption, and the motor does not heat up for a long time. This is an international standard. Moreover, the driving force is generally large, the load-bearing curtain can reach 40-100 kg, and the noise is relatively small, especially after the load is less than the idling sound.

    So, how does the roller blinds motor work? The roller blind motor is hidden in the roller tube, and the drive shaft is rotated by the motor rotation to realize the lifting of the roller blind sheet. When it rises, the blind sheet is wound on the reel, and when it is lowered, the blind sheet slides down along the inner side of the guide rail. Through the control of the remote control, the curtain can be raised, stopped, and lowered.

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