Parameters of roller shutter tubular motor


    The roller shutter tubular motor is composed of a tubular housing, a drive assembly, a brake assembly and a stroke control assembly supported in the tubular housing through a bearing seat.

    Hangzhou Wistar Mechanical is a tubular motor manufacturer. The company’s specialty products are radio tubular motor and roller shutter tubular motor. The advantages of these products are of high quality and reasonable prices. Here is a popular motor.


    Motor mechanical limit with Radio

    The following are its advantages:

    Energy saving

    Electric roller blinds and shutters reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Up to 40%

    Electric retractable awnings can reduce heat absorption by 80% in summer.

    Comfortable and convenient

    100 meters long distance remote control.


    Screw drive mechanism to achieve mechanical limit function;

    multiple function control through built-in wireless receiving device;

    Tilting to adjust light function

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