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  • In Season 2, Hopper made the tricky transition wow classic gold from Dad to Daddy, often embodying both at the same time ("Hopper: Dad or Daddy?" is a real poll Harbour put on his Twitter in 2017 and promptly deleted but we've never stopped thinking about). He became Eleven's father figure, and before Season 3, officially her father. He did a little dance and became the internet's comfort, an unproblematic male figure even in a show set during an era of toxic masculinity..

    I'm 76 years old, and my friends and I were eager to put it on our bucket list. Should we smoke it or eat it? What fun! We'd send some up to Congress, because that's what they need. Light up, and lighten up. These floats were specifically made with baby in mind, but under no circumstances should you ever leave your child unsupervised while they're in the water. Baby floats come in all shapes and sizes many even include a sun canopy for extra protection. We've rounded up our picks of the best baby floats for a happy and safe summer!.

    PDF (Wesley Hill PhD thesis)1265KbAbstractThis thesis rereads central texts of Paul's letters to demonstrate that Paul's speech about God, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit is intricately intertwined so that talk about any one of the three (God, Jesus, or the Spirit) implies reference to all of them together (God, Jesus, and the Spirit). The first part of the Introduction describes how the current landscape of Pauline scholarship has largely given up this way of articulating the dynamics of Paul's God , Christ , and Spirit discourse. Eschewing explicitly trinitarian language in favor of other conceptualities, much recent Pauline scholarship has opted for discussing the relationship between God and Jesus in terms of 'high' or 'low' christology.

    Blizzard has announced a new deal that it has in place with Twitch that will roll out a new "Cheering" feature for the Overwatch League. This is the league for gaming that Blizzard first started to talk up last year and saw the game company purchase the old "Tonight Show" studio to host matches and fans. The new Cheering feature will unlock exclusive in game items for players and Blizzard says that the system will help support the league and sponsors.

    Noor and his partner were rolling down the alley behind Damond home and checking out the 911 call just before the shooting. Noor testified that a loud bang on the squad car scared his partner and that he saw a woman raising her arm appear at his partner window. He said he fired to protect his partner life..

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