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  • How knowing your body type can help you find the best fit.

    Long and flowy or short and sexy? Two-piece or traditional prom dresses online ? Deciding on a style can be one of the trickiest parts of prom shopping. If you're not sure which dress is best, understanding how different features work with your body can be a good starting point for finding that perfect dress.

    If you want to look taller...

    When you're short, it's easy to overwhelm with certain dresses.

    Look for a long, straight dress and avoid anything that visually cuts you in half. High-waisted dresses can make legs look longer.
    It sounds counterintuitive, but try a short skirt! Pair your calves into flattering thighs with heels with a short-toed upper.
    If ball gowns are your thing, try a flowy skirt with a traditional top so you're not swimming in the fabric.
    Works right out of the box! Mixed media dresses allow you to have the lines of a maxi dress while allowing you to show off your legs.

    If you want to control big boobs...

    No need to downsize—but these tips can help ensure the girls stay put at the party.

    Do not wear spaghetti straps. Just don't. They provide no support and can cause neck (and shoulder) pain.
    Check out some corset dresses with built-in structure and support. Look for a gown with a defined waist and bodice with bone.
    Silk Illusion is your friend! Plus, it's very popular. The sheer fabric provides enough coverage to keep your boobs feeling secure (and even hides your bra!), while still looking barely there.
    Wear a dress without a bra! There are plenty of styles that are fun and sexy, but also cover your back and allow you to wear a real bra. Stick-ons sound great, but gravity always wins.

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