New achievements for Phantasy Star Online 2

  • On April 15, 2020, Phantasy Star Online 2 developed by SEGA was released.

    The first achievement was mentioned in episode 1. These achievements are related to episode 5 released on September 30. A lot of new content appeared in the fifth episode, some functions have also been changed, and the description of the fifth episode began.

    What catches the eye is a foggy, flower-dotted plain, giving a strong sense of displacement and confusion. During your battle with Profound Darkness, you want to get Persona out of its control. You will notice the rider's approach, and a young girl riding a mount appears in front of you. The other riders would choose to escape when they saw it. War is about to start, and you have a short time to think about what this PSO2 Meseta for Sale puzzle will bring you.

    The Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta gateway to Omega was found by ARKS. The current trend is not technology and science, but fantasy, sword and magic. A strange woman, Alma, provided us with information about Omega and ARKS. Omega is a land of nature and magic. Plains and winds form Weyland. Epyk has also transformed from an oasis to barren dunes. Ys Artia is a peaceful country composed of woods and hills.

    The new enemy created by "Ep Immortal's Urging Call": supernatural power is also introduced in the fifth episode. SEGA stated that so far, Omega Wolf, Foi Sorcerers, Castrum Demonica, and Resta Golems have been encountered by agents, but there will be more in the future. A new type of "Bane Quest" with a team of eight agents defending the Nemesis Tower and Nemesis Pile hopes to defeat Castrum Demonica.

    The new level cap is increased to 90, and new titles, new season events, and new alliance areas will also be included in the fifth episode."Phantasy Star Online 2" will launch an independent expanded version of "New Genesis" in 2021. Players can experience this game, and we can find the answers we need in the game. If you encounter a problem that requires PSO2 Meseta in the game, you can log in to the IGGM website to purchase at any time.