World of Warcraft's Chromie Time feature brings new vitality

  • World of Warcraft's Shadowlands pre-expansion patch fundamentally changed the character upgrade process. The upper level limit was reduced from 120 to 50, which also greatly reduced the time required for the character level. New characters can be played throughout the expansion process through the new Chromie Time function. You perform tasks in any place, enemies will be zoomed to your level.

    After you choose an expansion, the system will automatically send you an introductory task of the expansion, and you can play and explore freely here until your role reaches the highest level. After the "Chromie Time" automatically ends, the capital of your faction starts to process the latest available content and will be brought back by you.

    The expansion you choose will allow you to reach the highest level within 12 hours. This is not seen in World of Warcraft. When World of Warcraft was just launched, it took about 240 hours for players to reach the upper limit (that is, level 60). This means they need to play 2 to 3 hours a day, for a total of two to three months.

    All players can participate in this WOW Classic Gold game is something we all want to see, but there is a burden that needs to deal with outdated content for 60-80 hours with the rookie. In order to get rid of the current ambitious pursuit of content, this will take us a lot of precious time. New players want to reach the highest level in just a few weeks, then make a fabulous dungeon, and raid with friends, which is quite shocking.

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