My experience about buying FFXIV Gil at IGGM

  • I really regret it. Just a few days ago I sold Final Fantasy XIV Dubbin for 2500M FFXIV Gil, because I urgently needed FFXIV Gil to buy other things. At first I thought I was making a lot of money, and then I realized the price of Dubbin's recipe, Kirimu Leather, which is worth 15000M FFXIV Gil. I am very sad and annoyed by this.

    Gil is so precious to us players that we rack our brains every day to get more FF14 Gil in various ways. I was really sad when I found out that Dubbin only sold 2500M Final Fantasy XIV Gil. I know that I lost at least $15.

    However, the good news is that I tried to buy FFXIV Gil a little yesterday at IGGM, a third-party service, and unexpectedly, because I was one of the top 30 customers the day, it gave me an extra portion of FFXIV Gil, and it has also lots of discounts available.

    The most important thing is IGGM's service speed and attitude. You might not believe it, they delivered in 3 mins. After that, I don't need to worry about the lack of FFXIV Gil anymore.

    In addition to this, IGGM recently launched a mid-month special offer. On top of the discount, they also gave FFXIV Gil as an additional gift to those customers who bought more and the top 30 customers every day. In this way, we can get more cheap FFXIV Gil for sale conveniently, which improves the game experience.

    If you have encountered the same predicament as me, please do try to buy FF14 Gil at IGGM, you will definitely thank me.