Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Two Recommended Weapons

  • Weapons in SWTOR emerge in an endless stream. There are many types of light or heavy weapons. Each player has different pursuits for weapons, and different weapons are also suitable for different roles. Only by choosing the right weapon, can you destroy more enemies and get Cheap SWTOR Credits. Now recommend two good weapons for you to help you destroy the enemy.

    Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster – KOTOR 1

    This weapon is an upgraded version of the Baragwin Assault Cannon, so it has a higher rarity. At the same time, it has higher damage and longer range.

    It has a damage range of 3-22, but can be improved again to 4-24, and also adds fire damage and a +3 Attack Modifier. Knowing that fire damage is valuable, this weapon can shred enemies in seconds. Although its rate of fire is not calculated, the number of bullets fired per round is not too small.

    Freyyr's Warblade – KOTOR 2

    When you first saw Freyyr using KOTOR1 during KOTOR 1's Kashyyyk event, you'd be fascinated by it, but when KOTOR came out, you'd be totally crazy about it. This one-handed sword has a high damage of 5-32 and an additional +1 Attack Modifier, making it a very useful sword.

    Because of its too powerful attributes, this sword cannot be upgraded, but this does not affect its excellent performance in the melee weapon version, which will definitely be a good choice for your melee weapon.

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