Do You Know Car Covers?

  • Many car drivers will choose to buy a dust-proof car cover for the car to protect the car from damage, especially the protection of the car paint, but also to keep the car clean. In fact, for different materials of dust cover, the effect is also different.


    First of all, let's talk about the material of the dust cover. Generally, if you choose a car cover, you can choose its native material, PEVA composite PP cotton material.


    Secondly, the fabric, whether the inner layer is compounded and thickened with lint, and whether the outer layer can be protected from corrosion by bird droppings, acid rain, etc., to protect the car paint from rust spots and achieve the purpose of two-way protection of the car paint.


    Finally, the use depends on whether you are mainly using it to prevent rain, dust, or snow? At the same time, it depends on its durability and whether it is easy to operate.


    So how to choose the right dust cover for your car?


    When choosing a dust cover, you must first choose a good brand. Pay attention to the selection according to the size of the car. The material should also choose the kind of canvas or some other flexible and wear-resistant materials. Window glass plays a good protective role and prolongs the service life of car paint.


    In addition to the functions of cleaning and sun protection, the car protective cover also has a very good water barrier function, and can effectively prevent the harm of freezing to the car in cold weather, and even prevent the vehicle from being damaged due to some unexpected factors.


    In addition, choosing a suitable dust cover depends on what purpose the user wants to achieve. If you want to achieve the effect of heat preservation, it is recommended to choose the one with lint treatment and thickening; if you want to achieve dustproof and rainproof The purpose is to choose TPE material, which is soft, elastic, and most importantly, has hydrolysis resistance.


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