RFID Intelligent Tool Car System Helps The Intelligent Manageme

  • At present, more than 80% of enterprises and institutions in the world still use traditional manual recording or bar code technology for the management of tools and instruments. In daily management, due to the variety, quantity and specifications of tools and instruments, it is very difficult to find tools, which is not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also lagging behind management, and manual errors and omissions, resulting in inaccurate data and other problems. With the development of information technology, more and more companies begin to apply RFID technology to manage tools and instruments, and realize intelligent and scientific management of tools, which is of great significance to improve enterprise operation efficiency, reduce asset loss, and improve information and digital management.

    RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It uses space electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic propagation to communicate, and realizes energy transmission and data transmission according to the time sequence relationship in the communication link, so as to realize non-contact target identification and tracking. Compared with one-dimensional bar code, it has the advantages of multi-target simultaneous recognition, long recognition distance, fast speed, large storage capacity, strong anti-interference ability, etc. combined with RFID technology management, RFID electronic tags are bound to each tool, the specific information of the tool is written in the tag, and the tool with wholesale RFID tags is put into the RFID intelligent tool car. Whenever the tool is taken out of the car, the system will record this operation in real time, And will immediately judge the details, such as: who, the main responsible position, when to take out what tools, and when to return. The system can also set operation permissions, and can automatically send a warning when a tool is not returned within the specified time.

    For the precise management of tools and instruments, wheat IOT has launched a series of RFID tool management equipment, which can effectively optimize the daily management of operators to manage a wide variety of complex specifications and a large number of maintenance tools. Among them, RFID intelligent tool car is a product that supports windows/android operating system and adopts RFID technology, which is composed of UHF RFID reader and multiple antenna units. It can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool and instrument management, effectively prevent and reduce the loss and theft of tools and instruments, simplify the registration process of chemical tools and instruments in and out of the warehouse, and avoid inventory loss or management negligence. It is a high-performance, easy to operate An intelligent device that can meet the storage needs of various tools. It can expand the login methods such as finger vein, face and card swiping; It can be located to the floor, and each drawer is locked independently, and the unlocking sequence is freely combined by the software; 100Ah high-capacity battery, supporting 24h * 3 days of work; With more than 300 complete tools in 5 seconds, the recognition accuracy is 99.99%, which can be applied to rail transit, power inspection, intelligent manufacturing, aviation maintenance, intelligent factory and other application scenarios to achieve highly accurate intelligent tool management.

    Application benefits:

    Fully automatic management: fully automatic tool in and out record management saves the tedious and error possibility of manual scanning and entry. Come on! accurate Precise! And the system can generate various reports.

    One click counting function: realize daily and monthly inspection in 3 seconds.

    Data collection and scientific analysis: record the parameter data of each tool and remind the calibration cycle of specific tools.

    Safety assurance and Accountability: when the tools are not returned in time, the tool cart will give a warning and quickly lock the responsibilities of relevant personnel.

    Search for lost tools: when tools are left on the aircraft, you can further search for lost tools through RFID handheld.

    Convenient and intelligent: it has its own rechargeable battery, which can be used as a line side tool cabinet.