Best things to do in San Diego

  • Are you wondering what to see in San Diego? The city offers many incredible attractions to choose from theme parks suitable for both young and old, beautiful beaches, and stunning characteristic neighbourhoods. Also taking into account our suggestions on the best things to do in San Diego, here are some tips on how to find your way around the many places of interest in the charming California city. If you are planning for a trip to San Diego, try making your flight bookings using Frontier Airlines Reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 

    The beaches of San Diego, one of the Best Things to do in San Diego

    The long stretches of sand of San Diego are in their own right considered the best beaches in California. You can find them galore in the areas of Coronado, La Jolla, the Mission Bay region, the North County coast, South Bay and the Point Loma Peninsula. However, it is unlikely that you will find time to explore all of these areas during your visit; if time is short, converge directly on two beaches that will surely not disappoint you:

    La Jolla Cove: a small inlet with crystal clear waters protected as a nature reserve; it is a part of one of the most elegant areas of San Diego, La Jolla (the jewel), a room filled with boutiques, restaurants and places to stroll and shop. 

    Coronado Beach: it is a beautiful beach of 1.5 km, characterized by almost subtropical vegetation, a temperate climate and the famous Hotel del Coronado, which helps to give the area a peculiar aspect. 

    The 5 Must visit Parks in San Diego.

    Let's start with the parks, one of the main reasons for interest in the city.

    Balboa Park

    Balboa Park is the jewel of San Diego. This substantial green lung in the heart of the city is the community's hangout and a must-see for anyone in San Diego for a couple of days. Here you can admire the works of the great masters of the Museum of Art and the Museum of Photographic Arts, meet sports stars, visit the Natural History Museum, or enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape.


    Considered to be the best water park in California, San Diego's SeaWorld brings the life of the ocean before your eyes. You can interact with many aquatic animals and have fun with the acrobatics of killer whales, dolphins, sharks and penguins. Not only this! SeaWorld is an amusement park in all respects: there is no shortage of attractions and makes your vacation full of energy and surprises. 

    The San Diego Zoo

    When choosing the best things to do in San Diego, the Zoo is a must-visit place. It is the largest Zoo in the world with over 40 hectares of lush plants and zoological gardens characterized by different climatic zones and habitats, that allow animals to roam in environments similar to their own and natural ones. The San Diego Zoo is located within Balboa Park and is one of the best things to do in San Diego for the whole family and all other types of travellers. The Zoo is quite large and might take half of your day to witness most of it. 


    Who doesn't love legos! The newest edition to San Diego's amusement parks is Legoland, based in Carlsbad in the north of the city. Built on a hugely popular interactive toy that all children in the world know, Legoland offers tons of rides and entertainment for all age groups. Even adults will not be bored admiring the fascinating and impressive reproduction of famous cities made entirely with Legos. 

    San Diego Safari Zoo

    This gigantic 730-acre park, also known as the Wild Animal Park, is located approximately 40 minutes north of San Diego. It is a wildlife reserve where many exotic wild animals live with a glimpse of Africa and Asia in which to experience the emotion of face to face with cheetahs, giraffes, lions and okapi. The activities to get in touch with animals are numerous. A few examples? Field of lions, Heart of Africa, Belvedere of the Elephants, Savanna Cool Zone and many more. At the link below you will find the description of the activities in detail. 

    San Diego has a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists and travellers. Try making your flight bookings using Qatar airways reservations options for the best deals and discount offers. 

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