Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Refrigerators

  • Regardless of the business you own or industry you operate in, there are a wide variety of commercial refrigerators available on the market. The vital factor here, however, is to ensure that the one you purchase from the several different refrigeration manufacturers in South Africa is perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you own a butchery, bakery, commercial kitchen, supermarket, or even a food retail store, there are various refrigerators available on the market that will meet your requirements. (Information source: https://www.macbrothers.co.za/product-category/refrigeration/)

    So, what makes commercial refrigeration manufacturers so important? Well, the refrigerators supplied by these establishments can provide cooling and refrigeration to all of your products, whether they are on display to potential customers, being stored in the back part of your business premises, or being stored in the kitchen for later use.

    With so many different refrigeration manufacturers in South Africa, you need to ensure that the refrigerator you purchase is perfectly suited to your needs. As such, you need to consider the following factors:

    1. The size of the commercial refrigerator

    When it comes to purchasing from refrigeration manufacturers, you need to consider the size, shape, and storage capacity of the refrigerator, and ensure that it is suitable for your establishment’s requirements. It is also important to note that the larger the refrigerator is, the more maintenance it will require.

    2. The temperatures supplied by the refrigerator

    Once you have determined what food or beverage products will be stored in the refrigerator, you need to ensure that the one you select can perform at the temperatures you require. Reputable refrigeration manufacturers will offer refrigerators that have differing temperature ranges.

    3. The efficiency of the refrigerator

    The more efficient the refrigerator is, the better the quality of your products. When it comes to storing food, you need to ensure that the refrigerators you purchase from refrigeration manufacturers will keep your food as fresh as possible, for as long as possible.

    Once you have outlined your requirements, you need to determine which type of refrigerator to purchase from the several different refrigeration manufacturers. To assist you, some of the different types will be discussed below.

    4. Display refrigerators

    Whether you are looking to display food or beverages, a high-quality display refrigerator will not only keep your produce fresh and cool, but it will also allow you to create appealing, imaginative displays that will assist with attracting more customers. Depending on your establishment, you would purchase these from refrigeration manufacturers and place them at your storefront, enticing people to purchase your goods.

    5. Under counter bar refrigerator

    Whether for use in your home, bar, office, or restaurant, these low energy refrigerators are perfect for storing beverages. Depending on the size you opt for, these are often manufactured to fit perfectly below your countertop, into the limited space required.

    6. Wine chillers

    When it comes to storing wine, the refrigeration manufacturers in South Africa always recommend that you opt for a wine chiller, as these types of refrigerators will keep your wine, or any beverage for that matter, at its optimum temperature.