Are Hearing Aids Effective Enough?

  • Hearing loss can affect your life to a great extent, from your relationships to work, as well as emotional well-being. You can lose your hearing ability for many reasons, including aging, exposure to loud noise, malformation of the inner ear, head trauma, virus or disease, Meniere’s disease, and more. Regardless of the reason, wearing hearing aids can make a huge difference if you choose the right one. After getting your hearing tests done at a clinic, your Doctor can help you with the hearing aids. (Information source:

    How Do Hearing Aids Work?

    Hearing aids are electronic devices powered by batteries that are designed to improve your hearing. The devices are small enough to fit in or behind your ears and they make sounds louder, whether you are in a quiet or a noisy place. This is how they work –

    • A microphone catches the sound around you.
    • An amplifier helps the sound to be louder.
    • A receiver sends the amplified sounds into your ears.

    What Are the Different Types of Hearing Aids:

    There are many kinds of hearing aids available. Two of the most popular ones are –

    1. Invisible in the canal: The color of this hearing aid matches with your skin tone. This hearing aid is so tiny, and thus the name justifies the product perfectly, as it really gets invisible in your ear canal. Doctors usually recommend this hearing aid for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.
    2. The Receiver in the canal: The design of this hearing aid is sophisticated and it easily fits the ear. Doctors often prescribe it to first-time users. You can adjust the size of this type of hearing aid easily and you can also choose the color of your aid. It is recommended for mild to severe hearing loss. You can visit the clinic for quality hearing aids in Ontario.

    How to Choose Hearing Aids:

    You need to work with an audiologist so you can figure out which kind of hearing aid would be most suitable for you and what special features you require. The right hearing aid depends on various factors, such as –

    • Your age
    • The type of your hearing loss and its severity level
    • Your lifestyle
    • How well you manage small devices
    • How much you can afford
    • Adjusting to hearing aid

    Hearing aids will not make your hearing what it used to be, but as you use it, you will become more aware of the sounds and their origin. Be patient when you start using them as it may take some time to get adjusted to them. If they do not work out for you, you can go for a different type. You should change them if you experience any of these:

    • Discomfort
    • Background noise
    • Feedback or a whistling sound
    • Buzzing with cell phone use
    • Echo-like sounds from your voice

    Are only hearing aids enough?

    No, if you are having problems in your ears, then you may need to check for other problems too. The problem might not be with your hearing only. Get in touch with your Doctor and get yourself treated without delays.