The daily responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Manage

  • Social media channels cater to billions of people around the globe. You can be sure of the fact that a majority of your business's audience is using not one but many social media accounts.

    Social media apps were not necessarily made for marketing and advertising. But over time, with the advent of digital marketing, they became the home ground for finding prospects and a section of your audience who could be interested in your product or service.

    But in order to make the most of the power and abilities of social media, you need a social media manager.

    A social media manager (or SMM) saves the day by not only maintaining one’s social media activity across various channels but also ensuring that it grows further.

     The daily responsibilities of an SMM include but are not limited to:

    • Following a social media calendar that specifies when, where, and what they have to do.
    • Planning and developing worthwhile social media campaigns appropriate for different channels.
    • Posting compelling, interesting, and interactive content across channels.
    • Engaging with customers on every different channel where the brand is present
    • Analysing how various active social media campaigns are performing.
    • Making adjustments as needed for the abovementioned campaigns.

    A significant part of a social media manager's time is spent on planning effective social media strategies and then executing them. You might also catch them creating and publishing a variety of different posts while also keeping communication open with the community and audiences. But at the end of the day, all SMMs must measure the results of their efforts through the analytics provided on each social media platform. Only by tracking results can they decide whether to make some changes to their strategy or proceed as it is.

    Let’s unpack a list of all the usual tasks that social media managers are found to do day in and day out;

    Researching social media trends, audience preferences, current affairs, etc.

    It is the fundamental skill required to be a competent social media manager nowadays. Picking the relevant and popular trends and figuring out audience preferences while keeping an eye on current affairs helps a social media manager develop high-quality content to post on various social media channels. This is not just their daily task, but a major task as well.

    Master copywriting and develop interactive content.

    Copywriting is now considered a must-have quality possessed by all successful social media managers around the world. It involves grasping the need of the hour and the primary pain points of a brand’s ideal prospects. Based on the knowledge of what will get the audience’s attention, a social media manager can develop creative content to generate not only clicks but also enquiries and sales.

    Connecting with the audience, community engagement, and social listening

    As a social media manager, one of your priorities should be customer engagement and reaching a wider section of your audience. Without effective and constant interaction with the community, it is difficult for any brand to leave a positive impact on their relevant audience overall. Because publishing interactive, witty, and trending posts is not enough to build a stable and positive bond with your potential prospects.

    Measuring Reach and Success using Analytics and Daily Reports

    The daily tasks of a social media manager also include tracking the success, reach, impressions, interaction, etc. of every single post that they have made in a day. Using analytics for different social media applications, an SMM can find those metrics that tell them what worked and what didn’t. Thus, it becomes more like a trial and error kind of approach that guides you to exactly what your audience wishes to see when they are online.

    Final thoughts

    To become a social media specialist who can juggle between various active social media channels with expertise, one needs to be imaginative, creative, and a multitasking individual who understands the audience.