Ask Lead Generation Companies These Before Hiring

  • Strong lead generation forms the foundation that makes up any successful marketing and sales strategy. For organizations that are seeing their leads dry up, the inability to generate more leads can be distressing. This is the time when a company should consider partnering with a lead generation company.

    Dedicated lead generation companies have the required resources, skills and time to build high-quality leads which are optimized according to industry and size. However, the real challenge lies in selecting reputed and reliable lead generation companies from the sea of no-action amateurs in the market. The following tips can help you make that decision for your company.

    Techniques and process: Most lead generation companies have a similar approach but different methodologies to achieve them. When seeking the most appropriate lead generation company for your business, it is worth considering the range of approaches the company provides as well as those you prioritize yourself.  Along with the normal services offered by lead generation companies such as paid search, web page optimization, blogging and social media.  In addition, you should also look for companies that offer additional tracking, reporting and support services.

    Lead acquisition: The quality of leads should always be checked when they are first acquired as contacts and prospects.  While you will find several lead generation companies that claim to provide the best quality of leads, you should be careful before selecting a particular one.  You can ask the following questions when deciding.

    • Does the agency use sources from third parties?
    • Does the agency conduct its own prospect research?
    • How does the agency update and clean its leads database?
    • Do they ensure PPC impressions or targeted organic traffic?


    Experience and reputation:  Lead generation should be handled by seasoned and experienced providers as it impacts the growth and revenue of their clients. While experience can be measured in a number of ways, factors such as the number of related campaigns or projects completed, size of their client portfolio, length of time working in the domain and overall years of the business.

    Performance tracking and reporting: Lead generation campaigns are data-driven, which means that informed decisions can only be taken if there is relevant and timely data. This makes the quality of reporting and tracking a decisive factor when choosing a lead generation company. Performance tracking and reporting should include a good frequency of reporting and updates and the ability to customize and tailor reports.

    Pricing details: Lead generation prices can vary from one vendor to another. Its price depends on factors such as the agency’s experience, the scope of services, reputation, lead qualification requirements and the target market.


    When it comes to choosing the right lead generation agency, it eventually comes down to asking the right questions. The above are some of the best aspects to question and examine in a lead generation company, which will ultimately help you make the right decision.