Bubble Water Solution For Automatic Bubble Gun

  • Today, I will take you to do an experiment to study how to make a large and large amount of bubble water solution suitable for an automatic bubble gun.


    For the first time, two kinds of bubble water were prepared. One formula used glycerin, water, and washing spirit, and the ratio was 1: 4: 4. The other formula was glycerin, glue, water, and washing spirit, and the ratio was 1: 4. 1:4:4.


    Through experimental comparison, using the bubble gun dipped in the prepared two kinds of bubble water, the bubbles blown are both larger and larger, but the bubbles with glue are thicker.


    The fly in the ointment is that the color of the bubbles is not good, the color is very light and very light. The color of the bubbling water that I bought is not as good. So I added a pearlescent hand sanitizer. Another test is to compare two formulas, one is adding glycerin, glue, water, washing spirit, and hand sanitizer, the ratio is 1: 1: 4: 2: 2, the other is no glycerin, only glue, The ratio of water, detergent, and hand sanitizer is 1: 4: 2: 2.


    As a result of the experiment, after adding the pearlescent hand sanitizer, the color of the bubbles became gorgeous, and it was the same as the purchased bubble water. At the same time, I found that it is completely possible to not add glycerin. I then experimented with a pearlescent shampoo instead of the hand sanitizer, and it worked just as well.


    Experiment summary formula: glue, water, washing spirit, hand sanitizer, the ratio is 1:4:2:2. The bubbling water formulated this way is the best! Let's get started! To purchase a plastic bubble machine, please contact us!