There used to be a lot of problems with LED lights

  • Beyond the savings in energy costs, our well-designed LED landscape lighting systems deliver more light more efficiently to a targeted location than incandescent and halogen bulbs ever did. Bath wall lighting or a contemporary track kit on the ceiling can give a cool and airy, Zen-like feel to bath areas, making the room look larger and more spacious. There used to be a lot of problems with LED lights. Color retention was a big one. A bulb might change from its nice warm glow to a colder, bluer light.

    Use kit track lighting with lights that can be individually positioned and aimed at food prep or eating areas. Matching lights was tricky, too. You could line up 10 LED Linear Light and each might have a slightly different color. The reason for this is a term called “binning.” Under-cupboard lights make a kitchen space brighter and more usable. Use landscape or outdoor lighting to visually extend your indoor spaces outside.

    If the LEDs you get are supplied from the same bin, they’ll have the same color characteristic. But it’s been a challenge to exactly reproduce the color from one batch of lights to the next. This is still a long-winded and boring way of saying engineering is a critical and major part of the lighting design process and cannot really be thought of as separate from it. Luckily, manufacturers have gotten a better handle on these issues with LED landscape lighting.