What are the characteristics of cross universal joint couplings

  • custom universal joints couplings can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, paper machinery and other heavy machinery industries to transmit torque in mechanical shafting. It has a large angle compensation capability. The axis angle can reach 15 degrees-25 degrees, and the structure is compact and reasonable. The use of integral forks makes the transportation more reliable. Large carrying capacity. Compared with other types of couplings with the same rotating diameter, the torque transmitted by it is larger. This is more advantageous for mechanical equipment with restricted rotating diameter. The transmission efficiency is high, the coupling is used for high-power transmission, and the energy saving effect is obvious. Stable transportation, low noise, convenient assembly and disassembly and maintenance.

    At present, my country's cross universal joint coupling industry presents the following development trends:

    1. Ultra-large, ultra-precision, long-life and high-efficiency universal joint couplings will be developed.
    2. Multi-material, multi-color, multi-layer and multi-cavity universal joint couplings will be developed.
    3. The steel used in universal joint couplings must be refined to ensure the stability of the raw materials. Such couplings will become mainstream products in the market.
    4. All kinds of universal joint coupling processing equipment with higher speed, higher precision and more intelligence will be further promoted and applied.
    5. Due to the popularization and application of new materials in the universal joint coupling industry, couplings with higher performance and meeting special purposes will continue to develop, and some special and more advanced processing methods will follow.
    6. Reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, compound processing and even virtual technology will be further developed.
    7. The standardization of couplings will continue to increase. With the rapid development of modern metallurgical industry, higher requirements are put forward for couplings used by metallurgical enterprises. universal joint cross should not only meet the high-speed, heavy-duty, and high-precision requirements of manufacturers, but also meet the requirements of stable operation, high transmission efficiency, long service life, and easy maintenance.