How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

  • When it comes to an engagement ring, couples usually choose something that is classic and will work well for the wearer’s day-to-day life, exactly as it should be. But that’s not always the same as the years go by. How can you adapt your beautiful engagement ring into a piece that fits who you are after 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years together? We put together some ideas for how you can upgrade your engagement ring to fit your needs and make it even more special, years after you say “yes!”

    Anniversary Bands

    A classic gift for your spouse is an anniversary band. These sleek, stackable rings got their name because they are the simplest way to add just a little bit more to your current wedding bands. Stackable rings come in as many styles as you can think of, from minimalist to diamond-encrusted. Choosing one can be a really fun process to either include your spouse in or surprise them with a gift that is specially chosen with them in mind. When choosing a band, keep in mind how the wearer will use this ring. If they’ll be stacking the ring on their wedding finger, consider a metal that goes well with their current setting. If they work in a job that puts wear on their hands, choosing a band that can be worn daily instead of their engagement ring could be a fantastic choice for them!

    Ring Repair and Cleaning

    While the sparkle may not have faded from your love for one another, you may not be able to say the same about your engagement ring. Every day your ring comes into contact with dirt, oils, soap, lotion, and a multitude of external factors that can dull and diminish your gorgeous piece. Not only that but there may be damage that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Scratches and dents can appear and prongs can become worn, putting the stone in danger of coming loose. Restore your engagement ring to its former glory by having our jeweler examine the diamonds and prongs and see if any attention is required.  The rings can be polished to like-new condition.

    Ring Guard

    If your partner loves their engagement ring and wouldn’t change anything about it, ring guards can bring a new life and sparkle to them. These pieces are often referred to as “enhancers” because that is exactly what they do, they enhance the piece that your partner already adores. These rings are traditionally a connected double band in which the original cheap wholesale rings sits, surrounding it in a “guard” of extra sparkle. When picking out an enhancer, it’s important to have your partner try it out with their engagement ring. If the two pieces don’t work well together, then it’s defeating the purpose of the gift. No matter the style of an engagement ring, there is a ring guard that would be the ideal match for it.


    A decade of marriage can bring a lot of small challenges and changes that are out of your control. Along with all of that, our bodies can change a lot as well, namely, our hands. Whether it’s childbirth, time, or simply chemistry, it’s common for rings to not fit exactly like they once did. Make a date with your spouse to come in and have your wedding bands and engagement ring resized. Our team of experts will take great care of your rings and return them in perfect condition so you can celebrate your anniversary with a renewed sense of promise.

    Remounting and Resetting

    After much hard work, love, and dedication, you two have come so far together! One of our favorite ways to commemorate these moments is to work with a couple to reset their original diamond, or even upgrade it to something even more spectacular. Oftentimes, couples that have been together for years have a different budget than when they first married, and wholesale necklaces this is the time to choose something stunning that maybe wasn’t an option 20 years ago. Pick out a setting from one of our incredible inventory or work with our Brittany’s designers to create the ring of your dreams.

    Celebrate Your Anniversary

    Engagement rings are an incredible symbol of your commitment and love for one another. It is just as important 10 years down the road as it was on your wedding day. Let us help you celebrate your love by updating the piece that started it all. Visit us in our showroom today and ask about upgrading your ring!