According to Top Toy Experts:The Best New Toys of 2022

  • Every year, it looks like the latest batch of the hottest toys this year is better than the last. Kibtoy Institute's childcare lab is lucky enough to see some of the latest releases for spring, summer and autumn, and the best new toys in 2022 offer a little something for everyone. While this choice does not have the opportunity to go through testing the Kibtoy Institute, it is in work, in preparation for our annual toy awards that will be announced closer to the holidays! This is a new release that causes the most crowded.

    So, what is the trend of the top toy this year? There are lots of options menture to help kids with increased stress and anxiety, due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, including calming sensory toys, play sets that help social-emotional learning, soothing fidgets and even popular tiktok toys events . Outside Stem, there are also many toys and set of games that focus on sustainability, both as a theme for playing, inspiring children to be good servants for the environment and related to product materials and packaging. Then there are toys that help children use their inner creators, especially in terms of making their own videos and taking their own photos.

    Finally, of course, there are toys that bind to favorite films and TV shows, both new and nostalgia, so give a way for more dinosaurs of Jurassic Park! For more about toy trends, Head of Technology & Technical Director of Kibtoy Institute, describe more themes this year in 2022 Kibtoy We Are Family Parenting Summit Recap and you can start shopping for the best new toys in 2022 which realize all of these trends here.

    Many moods of Panda May red luxurious

    Is there anyone who sees blushing maybe more than once? -Can tell you how important emotions are for Mei, a 13 -year -old child who turns into a giant red panda every time he is filled with feelings. This luxury allows children to cycle through all wholesale outdoor toys those emotions; They can press his stomach to see him lift his arms and growl, and then breathe with him to calm again.

    Dino Dig Vr

    For those who spend too much time watching Jurassic Park, this virtual reality game allows children to immerse themselves in the age of prehistoric jurassic when they download free applications, put a smartphone phone in the VR glasses and suddenly find themselves surrounded by Dino's fossils just waiting to be found.

    Mini Family Playset

    L.O.L. Mini can come with collectors wherever they go because their compact packaging turns into a ball -shaped playset. Mini is the right replica of the appearance of their dolls, and comes with "lil sis" and cute pets to improve pleasure. Blind packaging means that every unboxing experience is a surprise, and fans can try and gather everything to reunite BFF and their families! But, if you are fed up with a plastic packaging together, take one of the Limited Edition Love Edition dolls wrapped in paper packaging, like B.B. or grow grrrl.

    Lynette Fashion Doll

    With a sparkling pink top, white jeans and purple shoes, you can say that Lynette is interested in fashion - and he dreams of becoming a designer someday. Lynette comes from a fresh doll, a fashion doll line known for carving a realistic face, various different body types and hair texture.

    Why trust Kibtoy?

    For decades, the Kibtoy Institute has provided expert reviews and suggestions about all that parents and children like, from family board games to beach toys, and issue an annual list of toy award winners that display items that have been tested for children of all ages.

    Although these items in this list are mostly new to undergo the testing process, they are chosen by Rachel Rothman, Head of Technology & Technical Director of the GH Institute; Parenting Editor and Senior Relationship between GH and Jamie Spain, Parenting & PEGS GH review analysts.

    Before choosing toys for this story, the three of them met more than 30 toy companies that represent more than 70 different brands. From this brand -brand, they see an overview of more than 450 individual toys.