Animal Crossing: A Guide to Travel Through Time and Space

  • In Animal Crossing, many players are unable to complete many tasks during the day for some reason, so they have the idea of modifying the time, but some players are afraid that modifying the time will be risky. This article brings the experience and ACNH Bells sharing of Animal Crossing about time and space travel.

    1. Upgrade issues

    For example, if I built a store today, will there be any impact when I reconcile the time into the future with the past?

    Where it doesn't matter: The store is still there, it will not disappear because of going back in time. It's amazing how things don't change in a store. For example, I bought two restricted items in the store on September 31st. I set it to September 31st, and it still shows that I have those two items. This means that the system of time recorded in the past cannot change what happened in the past store.

    Impact: Special NPCs will be refreshed. Such as younger sisters, merchants who buy high-priced insects, camels, and so on. The second is construction time. For example, if you want to upgrade from a serviced office to a service hall today, you can make the building complete immediately by traveling through the future and then traveling back.

    2. Residents and housing issues

    For example, then the little animal will ask you where you have been so long when you travel to the future one month later. Some small animals that have a bad relationship may move out or tell you that they don't want to live anymore. The long-term crossing is risky, and going back to the past has no effect on small animals.

    3. Is it possible to quickly collect illustrations through the future?

    Of course, if you are in the southern hemisphere, you can go back to March to fish for sharks, or you can go through May to catch tarantulas. But this is not recommended, it is easy to shorten the overall playtime.

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