The Sprayer Can Also Be Used In This Way

  •     There are many artificial ways to pollinate kiwifruit. For example, artificial pollination by using a sprayer can effectively help kiwifruit to complete the pollination. Let's take a look at these methods together.

    1. Pollination of flowers. That is, the anthers of the open male flowers are directly placed on the stigma of the female style for pollination. Slow speed and low work efficiency, suitable for small areas.
    2. Dotted with dry powder. It is to mix the pollen from the male flower, put it into a plastic soft bottle and seal the bottle mouth, insert a plastic straw, and pinch and spray it at the stigma of the female style. At the same time, the commonly used method is to put the mixed powder into a needle tube and point it at the stigma of the female style. Basically suitable for small area use.
    3. Pollinator pollination. It is the most popular pollination method at present. It uses a battery to drive a small fan and sends the mixed pollen evenly out of the nozzle, and the female flower is constantly moving for pollination. The work efficiency is high. An imported pollinator can pollinate about 10 mu of land per person per day (actual work for half a day), which is 15-20 times the efficiency of artificial pollination, saves pollen, and is not affected by the weather. Pollinator pollination will be the main way of artificial pollination in the future.
    4. Wind blow pollination. A method adopted abroad is that for male and female varieties that meet during the flowering period, when the male flowers open, a similar large mechanical sprayer is activated between the tree rows, and the wind blown by the sprayer is used to blow and spread the male pollen to achieve natural wind-borne pollination.
    5. Spray pollination method: After most (about 60-70%) female flowers open, use a square gun trigger sprayer to aim at the flowers after the dew is dry, pull the trigger, and shoot and move quickly in a certain direction and order. Do not stay in one place for too long, because after the water droplets are formed, the pollen will drip and the pollination effect will be reduced. The large female flowers can be sprayed continuously and repeatedly, do not miss them, and the small or single female flowers can be sprayed to save money. pollen. Re-spray every 1-2 days, at least 3 times during the whole flowering period, if it rains immediately after spraying, it should be re-sprayed. If it rains after 3 hours, it is not necessary to spray again. Fertilization can be accomplished within. (Preparation method of pollen suspension: In a 1-liter handheld sprayer, fill half a pot of water, add 1 g of calcium nitrate, 1 g of boric acid (or borax), and 3 g of carboxymethyl cellulose, shake it, and then dissolve it. Add 1-2 grams of pollen, add water to the warning line, (overfilling the water will cause pollen to overflow), cover tightly, shake well, take a breath, and pull the trigger to spray, the finer the spray, the better. When the pressure is insufficient, it is necessary to continuously inflate and pressurize, so that it can always maintain the best spray state.

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