The best featured game of the augmented game genre in 2022

  • Many incremental games, such as Clicker Heroes, Pizza Clicker, and Candy Clicker, Cookie Clicker have been highly praised and have risen to the top of the charts for the most popular games. The cookie clicker, though, is the game that stands out the most. This is one of those games that is always getting better. This cookie clicker version has been updated with more innovative images, music, and intriguing stuff up to this point. Take part in the event using any web browser on a computer or a mobile device.


    - Beautiful graphics - Awe-inspiring sound

    Wake up and bake 1 cookie with your mother, father, friend, or other family member! In one swoop, make some dough and bake 1,000 cookies.

    - By creating 1 billion cookies, you become a world-famous bakery; - by baking 100 billion cookies in one ascension, you become a Cosmic bakery.
    - Create 1 trillion cookies to become a Galactic bakery; - bake 100 trillion cookies to become a Universal bakery in one ascension.
    - Making 1 quadrillion cookies makes you a Timeless bakery, baking 100 quadrillion cookies makes you an Infinite bakery, and baking 1 quintillion cookies makes you an Immortal bakery.