Is BIPV Worth It?

  •     Building integration of photovoltaics refers to the installation of  BIPV module on the surface of the building envelope to provide electricity, and at the same time, as a functional part of the building structure, it replaces some traditional building structures such as roof panels, tiles, windows, building facades, and canopies.

        The characteristics of photovoltaic building integration are as follows:

       1) Green and environmental protection, reducing energy consumption: Solar energy is a clean and free renewable resource. The photovoltaic building-integrated use of solar energy to generate electricity will not produce any pollution during the development process, and it will also generate green energy. When generating electricity, it also greatly reduces the comprehensive outdoor temperature, reduces the heat of the wall and the cooling load of the indoor air conditioner, and plays a role in building energy conservation and emission reduction.

        2) Spontaneous use and does not occupy land resources: BIPV can also be used as a building material for facade maintenance in addition to power generation, without occupying valuable land resources; it also reduces equipment investment and maintenance costs for power transmission and distribution, and reduces power transmission. resulting losses.

        3) The light is transparent, catering to architectural aesthetics: perforated silicon cells, semi-transparent thin-film solar cells, or adjusting the arrangement of cells can make the BIPV building achieve a specific light transmittance without affecting the power generation of photovoltaic modules; for the overall building It can also hide the junction box and connecting line in the curtain wall structure, harmonize the appearance and prevent direct sunlight and rain erosion.

    In addition, BIPV also has the advantages of alleviating peak power demand, stable and reliable operation, simple maintenance, and long service life of solar cells for key components.

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