A core component of Diablo 4 is utilising Aspects

  • Diablo 4 is not shy of providing references to previous games in the series D2R Items. Items such as the Harlequin Crest and the famous Butcher enemy have both made their appearance, and Estuar's landscape is no exception. The Hidden Camp from Diablo 3 was the primary hub for the Main Campaign's second Act and you may remember it for its remote location and overview of the surrounding area.

    A core component of Diablo 4 is utilising Aspects to increase your character's power. Some Druid builds rely heavily on having these effects and securing your key powers can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Acquiring them for your Codex of Power is invaluable, as it will allow you to continually Imprint these effects onto your gear, greatly increasing your strength throughout the game.

    Blizzard has revealed that Diablo 4's infamous gem problem is going to be solved in Season 2, as gems will no longer be stored in the inventory and take up so much space.

    Since Diablo 4 launched earlier this month, it's been met with a great reception from both critics and fans, who seem happy with the next evolution of the series. While it seems like there's little to complain about (beyond the secret cow level that's seemingly not in the game right now), there are cheap D2R ladder items, of course, some things that players want to see changed.