Michigan State University students reacted to Madden's involvem

  • For sports and video game enthusiasts, the release of Madden NFL and NBA 2K generates a wave of excitement every year. This year, MSU sports fans have special reasons to be attracted. Both Madden NFL 21 and NBA 2K21 merge MSU into their "Franchise Faces" and "MyCAREER" models. For each game, you can use Madden Coins to create your own player and let him play the role of Spartan in his college career.

    "Like many people, my favorite mode is MyCAREER mode," junior Laith Mihyar said of NBA 2K21. "For me, one of the really important factors in this game is being able to play as an MSU, and I'm sure that many other Spartan fans are also very excited about it."

    Michigan State University (Michigan State) joined NBA 2K21, joined UCONn, Florida, Gonzales, Syracuse, Texas Tech University, Oklahoma, UCLA, Villanova And West Virginia for them to choose to participate in competitions during college. You can choose from a list of university teams at Madden 21, including MSU, Texas, LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, Clemson, University of Southern California, Oregon, Miami and Nebraska California. Although some Spartan fans are fascinated by the fact that they can participate in the game as their favorite team, this game also left people with a longing.

    However, for sophomore Aaron Embrey (Aaron Embrey), just because you can play like one of the teams will not make the game more interesting. Like many people eager to win NCAA sports, Emrey, like many people eager to win NCAA sports, the most recent time was NCAA14. The college football game is still sought after in 2020, and has attracted more attention as Barstool's Big Cat decided to create a coach in the game and transfer it. The whole isolation.

    Embrey said he would rather play NCAA football video games than participate in college games at Madden 21. He said: "NCAA 14 is indeed very popular with people. Today's Madden game does not really attract people." The comment speaks for itself. For Madden 21, most of the 10,578 Google users who reviewed the game rated it as one of five stars. Metacritic gave it a support rate of 63%, while Imagine Games Network (IGN) gave it a support rate of 6/10.

    IGN’s David Jagneaux wrote in his review of Madden 21: “Incremental changes and novel new models cannot cover up a stagnant transition year.” NBA 2K21 is also facing similar scrutiny. Among the 3,282 Google respondents, most people gave it a star, while Metacritic gave it a 69% recognition, while IGN gave it a 6/10 recognition.

    For these two games, reviewers have cited glitches in the gameplay and too many similarities with the previous year's version as reasons for their low scores this year. Mihyar said that he was disappointed in how NBA 2K21 misled the audience because they believed that this year's game version will be different from last year's game. He said: "In terms of the price they charge and rebranding it as a brand new game, it really didn't meet these expectations."

    Madden 21 was released on August 28, and NBA 2K21 was released on September 4. According to the website of each game, the purchase price of the two is between $60 and $100. Despite the increased gameplay and college experience, the game is still left to the players, who again desire more. Now move your fingers,Buy Madden 21 Coins can make players get more surprises.