Denver Broncos vs Tennessee Giants Madden21 Simulation

  • A player and Ty Walden played the Denver Broncos vs. Tennessee Titans Week 1 matchup on Madden 21. Madden video games have been popular for a long time. In the first week of the 2020 season, Ty Walden and the players compete with each other. This is the Denver Broncos game against the Tennessee Giants. This is the team's true opponent in Week 1. If you don’t have a good player yet, don’t worry, Buy MUT Coins can get you as soon as possible.

    To try to make it as real and accurate as possible: "Monday Night Football" under the lights, without von Miller (probably absent this season), K.J, Hamler out, etc. The Broncos had Bryce Callahan (Bryce Callahan) played for the team's first game, he returned in a great way, intercepting Ryan Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill).

    Denver got the first goal from their 25-yard line. At the start of the game, Phillip Lindsay could only score one yard. But the Broncos performed strongly in the next game, receiving a 15-yard reception against Noah Fant. The Titans once filled the Broncos' running scenes, but Lindsay and even quarterback Drew Locke also made some great gains. All the way to the Titans' 2-yard line, the Broncos tried to get the ball through the newly acquired guard Melvin Gordon. Finally lost 3 yards. However, in the next act, the Titans-fully expecting to pass-are tortured by Lindsay in the next act.

    7-0 Mustang. 3:51 left in the first quarter.
    At the kick-off, former Bronco Kalif Raymond (Bronco Kalif Raymond) took the ball from a yard deep in the end zone. In the end, this will be a bad decision because he was fired at the age of 19. The Titans decided to throw deep at Corey Davis. The ball drove over the target, but the pass was incomplete. In the next game, Tannehill entered a very tight screen, and backcourt player Josey Jewell seized the pass. The Broncos offense put the ball in a good position, the 21-yard line of the Titans. The drive stopped at the 12-yard line and Denver's newly paid Brandon McManus field goal rose 10-0.

    Derrick Henry's game started well, earning 9 yards in the next series. But the Titans decided to try to pass the ball through the screen in the next game and eventually lost a few yards. Feeling that the pressure has dropped by 10, Titan wants to try some tricks. They lined up in the Wildcat formation with Derrick Henry of the bullet gun. Running Darrynton Evans (Darrynton Evans) played, the ball was intercepted after he reached the center, Henry handed the ball to him, received a huge gain of 31 yards.

    After two games, the Titans scored the game's first touchdown. The extra points are missed. Stephen Gostkowski missed a goal with the Titans for the first time. 10-6, Mustang. Throughout the game, the Titans brought heat. Sometimes a lot of lightning strikes Drew Lock. However, when they did not find it, Locke found an open receiver.

    Throughout the game, Tannehill was very careless about football. He got into double coverage more than he should. The result was selected six times. The Titans really like to assault in this game. Locke eventually found rookie Jerry Jeudy (Jerry Jeudy) for a touchdown, and the man who screened him entered the quarterback.

    Henry saw himself in the formation shotgun several times in the Wildcat formation. He did this for the third time. Evans was the player who had previously received the ball from him. He once again made huge gains from the Titans' own 25 yards to the Broncos 4 yard line. A few games later, Tannehill found a touchdown from receiver A.J. Brown. 17-12 Mustang. The Titans felt pressured and felt the need to make a 2-point conversion to make it a 3-point game. Tannehill could not find an open receiver, it took off and ran, but was fired.

    The Broncos remembered the Titans' wildcat formation and wanted to call out their own trick: the end of Jerry Jeudy. This is great for 8-yard runs. Titan Big Mac’s bombs cover a lot, including Locke’s chance of discovering Jeddy’s great harvest. If it wasn't for him to trip, Judyy would enter the game. In the first half, Jeudy had 102 yards. When Tennessee was shortlisted, Phillip Lindsay ran back to score in the first half and scored high. That was Lindsay's third game! Tannehill was selected again to complete the first half. 31-12 Mustang.

    In the second half, the Titans really didn't know what to do. Although they have made some major achievements, they only scored 3 points. But the Broncos eventually fell several times over Tennessee. Tennessee has performed poorly and needs to continue to develop. As Denver's threat rose more points, it was not a real choice at the beginning of the third quarter. The Titans drew another Wildcat formation and successfully shot down the first one in the fourth drop attempt.

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