What is the current form of Madden 21

  • The realistic depiction of American football in the "Madden NFL" series makes it the preferred franchise for players seeking a lifelike football experience. Madden 21 Coins can buy outstanding players, form their own dream team, and then complete the game according to the script. Challenge.

    After the release of Madden NFL 21, it received mixed reviews from fans, not because of the poor performance of the game, but because of EA's lack of enthusiasm for this series of films. With the continuous decline of critics and user ratings, with each additional item, the "Madden" series seems to lose its charm. With gamers resenting EA's lack of enthusiasm for their favorite football series, the latest entry is a new low for the series.

    The lower score is more of a lack of innovation in franchising than gameplay. EA continues to release the same Madden games year after year, without adding new features or game modes. EA seems to be doing minimal things, causing fan comments to blow up Madden NFL21. Gamers are tired of EA eliminating the same game every year without promoting the series.

    One of the most important issues Madden faces is the lack of competition. Since 2004, EA has signed an exclusive license agreement with the NFL, making it the only official NFL game on the market. The lack of competition caused Madden to stagnate, because EA has no competitors to push them to increase their franchise rights. EA has no reason to improve the game series, because players have no other realistic football matches to do. Bringing intense competition to Madden may give EA some motivation to improve the series.

    Madden fans have also criticized the excessive microtransactions found in recent articles. It seems that the only new content added by EA in the modern Madden title is hidden behind a ridiculous paywall. The ultimate team mode is still crawling in predatory microtransactions, and the new Yard mode has more microtransactions than some free-to-play games. Certain equipment and special content can be unlocked by the player's progress, but the sharpening is not worth it. It is not important to conduct microtransactions occasionally, but in Madden '21, the number of microtransactions far exceeds experience. Hiding most game content behind expensive paywalls is almost an insult to gamers.

    It seems that Madden fans have finally adopted EA's indifference to the long-running sports franchise. Even so, this does not seem to affect Madden 21's sales has been growing, Buy MUT Coins has become a trend.