"Madden 21" has changed from "Madden 20"

  • Madden NFL 21 has not yet felt the love of fans. The latest version of EA Sports' NFL series was released on August 28, and the game had the lowest Metacritic score. However, Madden NFL 21 has some new features, such as the new game mode The Yard. Among other things, there are some new animations and updates to the way the aircraft carrier kicks off and avoids tackles, making it easier for players to get Madden 21 Coins.

    Minor updates were made around the defensive range to offset the new offensive moves used by the ball carrier. The method of solving animations has been completely reformed, and tackles are divided into three categories: position-based tackles, faulty tackles and improved diving tackles. Position-based tackles are probably the most influential because the defender adjusts the position of the body to make the tackle before the first drop mark or near the goal line. The new defensive moves in Madden NFL 21 are essential to prevent online players from abusing offensive skills.

    The biggest addition to Madden is the skill stick. The diehards of the series like the rotation of the circular button, but all evasion movements this season have been moved to the correct analog stick. EA boasts that players will be able to "link clever combos to create amazing game moments." The best player in Madden NFL 21, Carolina Panthers' RB Christian McCaffery, is equipped with the X-factor ability "Ankle Breaker", which is increased After he passed, the counterfeit opportunities in rotation and obstacles.

    The most exciting addition to Madden 21 is a new game mode: The Yard. The player creates a prototype player, similar to the function in the playground mode of NBA 2k. The player can play on both sides of the ball and play crazy games, such as passing the ball multiple times and stealing the ball to any player on the field. There are currently four positions to play, but EA said they plan to release more positions over time. It is not as crazy as NFL Street or NFL Blitz in the early 2000s, but its arcade style has turned the gaming era back.

    One of the biggest gameplays of "Madden NFL 21" is Pass Rush Meter. There are a series of notches beside the passing punch to indicate how many passing punches he has. Players must use their actions wisely, because sprinters can only use so many actions. In order to solve this problem, the offensive winger in Madden NFL 21 has also been recognized. Each time the through punch is directed to a particular side of the lineman, the lineman will "remember" the sprinting action used by that particular punch. The system will emphasize the depth of the frontier of defense and reduce repetitive games by forcing defenders to try new moves.

    Madden 21 hasn't changed much in the formula used in previous years, but the changes they made make the game slightly higher than last season's version. Between Skill Stick, Pass Rush Meter and new defensive screen options and positioning animations, the gameplay is more realistic than the previous season. Coupled with shiny new game modes such as The Yard, despite many negative reviews, the title is comparable to most previous versions of EA, and Buy MUT Coins is one of the easy ways to get players in demand.