The Madden 21 franchise model is being updated with features re

  • EA announced that it will make some changes to Madden 21's franchise model in an attempt to resolve some of the biggest fan complaints. EA detailed many changes to Madden 21's franchise model due to poor reaction from fans. The popular sports simulation game was released at the end of August, and now you can use MUT Coins to build your ideal team.

    Since 2004, EA has been responsible for the NFL game adaptation. At that time, EA not only created a series of derivative products, such as Madden NFL Blitz, but also created the annual Madden game. However, the publisher has not recently taken any measures to promote the development of the series, "Madden 21" was controversial before the release, this is due to the lack of detectable progress. Even though some fans of the sport want to see changes, EA has recently signed a new agreement with the NFL to ensure that they have exclusive rights for at least the next few years.

    Madden 21 developer and publisher EA revealed that it is making many changes to the game's franchise model based on fan feedback. In response to criticism, the studio is undergoing a series of changes aimed at improving the overall experience of the franchise model. A total of four key changes have been made. These features include the ability to add X elements and superstar traits to any player as a commissioner. Additional statistics based on the player’s performance in each season will also be added according to the playoff brackets for users to view the entire playoffs screen. Finally, more work needs to be done to balance the development of players so that more people can develop the capabilities of Superstar and X-Factor. EA pointed out that developers are trying to implement these updates without forcing players to restart progress.

    It's not just the franchise model that arouses the anger of fans. "Madden 21" became popular on Twitter immediately after its launch. Players cited many errors and technical issues that prevented them from enjoying the game normally. There are also concerns that EA does not seem to have a clear direction on how to improve the series in the future. Some people are very frustrated, and they ask the NFL to channel EA and work with new publishers to ensure that these problems do not recur in the future.

    Since its release last week, "Madden 21" has proven to be a controversial game. Most of the criticisms focus on the fact that EA has made few changes to the traditional formula, prompting fans to ask whether it really needs to be upgraded to the new version. However, this will convince some fans that EA seems to be listening to feedback and is trying to solve certain problems. But whether the company can win the trust of players remains to be seen. For now, Buy Madden 21 Coins can effectively enhance the player's experience to make up for the lack of the game itself.