"Madden 21" debuts in a new "The Yard" mode

  • As the release day of Madden 21 approaches, the Madden team has officially announced the new "The Yard" mode, which will make its debut in this year's competition. "The Yard" is essentially the next generation of Superstar KO, which debuted in Madden 20. It provides fans with a new way to play legendary football games. As you can see from the trailer, this is a mature backyard football experience, including backward passes, a lot of tricks and so on. This brings everyone back to the childhood of playing football in the backyard. Even better, with Buy Madden 21 Coins you will be able to completely customize your character and become 100% of your character in the game.

    The Yard: Madden NFL 21 is a new backyard football style mode. As someone who has the opportunity to try this model, I can confirm that it is interesting. It is a more free and smooth version of the Madden series of games, and has been greatly changed from the regular football game mode. It is fast and easy to play, and is the perfect mode for you to play with your friends.

    Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce also praised the new features. Kells said: "Suitable for all ages, man. I think this brings out the old school, just going out to play in the backyard, even before you don’t have video games, I think it brings happiness to that group. This It's a different game style, so they will have to catch up with the development of the points system and everything. In this regard, there is a new era trend."

    And we all know that Kelce really likes to bring his style to match day, which makes the custom settings in "The Yard" to his alley. You can squander your brother as you like. The more victories you get, the more MUT 21 Coins you will get, the better the skills you have, and the better you can perform. This brings me back to the state I was when I was a kid, because I do it all day every day. Madden 21 with a new "The Yard" function will be launched on the market on August 25.