Animal Crossing: Allow players to share more custom designs

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Islands allows players to share more designs than Nintendo allows it to upload to the Ables Sisters store. Nintendo released Dream Suite for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and many other cool features in the latest update. One big advantage of Dream Suite and Dream Islands is the ability to safely and easily access and share custom designs. As for your island, Buy Bells Animal Crossing is an intermediary that can help your island get more design items. Dream Suite not only adds the ability to share custom designs. Players can now share more custom designs on Dream Island, and players can usually show them to tourists in its Able Sisters store.

    Custom Design Portal
    The custom design portal is usually located at the back of the Able Sisters store. Players can search for the design they are looking for by code, creator or design. In the Dream Suite, you can find the portal next to Luna, and you can also find the bed you wake up on Dream Island. Through the ideal custom design portal, you can access all the custom and professional custom designs that the island owner has on his Nook phone. Dream Suite was originally introduced in New Leaf, and players can access custom DIY through the sleepwalking NPC Wendell. New Leaf also provides players with the option to choose whether to share custom designs. New Horizons allows players to automatically share their designs when uploading their own Dream Island.

    Players can view which designs can be provided to visitors of their dreams in the custom design portal of Able Sisters. It is important to remember which designs were saved when uploading Dream Island, because any inappropriate designs can be reported. The report design may receive warnings, and any repeated attacks may cause the game to be banned. Luna allows players to update the Dream Island once a day, so if you are working hard or want to change the design for the use of dream guests, please upload all the photos at once, otherwise you will not wait for the next update of the Dream Island.

    Unlimited options for unlimited storage space
    You can download and save all the designs found in the dream portal to your Nook phone. But this storage function is very low. The game allows players to save their favorite items, so you don’t have to keep the designs forever, and it’s easier to find them again in the "Custom Design Portal". So far, Nintendo has not announced any plans to upgrade the design storage, but it has been updating the game since its release, so there may be more room.

    The same design update also includes the August fireworks display, and you can also purchase a ACNH Nook Miles Ticket to participate in Redd's lucky draw on your island. For August, Animal Crossing is undoubtedly one of the most creative games.