NBA 2K21 game trailer can't fool doubting fans

  • 2K Sports released a new NBA 2K21 game trailer and was quickly criticized by fans for failing to make too many changes to the series. For me, the most curious thing is the virtual currency 2K21 MT included in the permanent version of NBA 2K21 Mamba, but there is not much explanation. To say that fans are not satisfied with the trailer for NBA 2K21 is too simple.

    The first NBA 2K21 game trailer was dropped, and it is safe to say that the fans are not happy. The video is only 1:30 in length, allowing fans to enjoy the current version of the game. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the more expensive NBA 2K21 have not yet been shown. When the video was short, fans quickly made up their minds. The slogan of NBA 2K21 is "Everything is a game." Based on the point guard organized by the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard, the cover star of NBA 2K21, fans issued a pun of "Everything is a lady".

    In the comments under the YouTube video, fans joked that the game should be called "Everything is the same." It implies that the annual sports simulation game is the same. If the developer Visual Concepts chooses to make a major change to the series, maybe the developer will make money by selling the changed same game.

    NBA 2K21 is not without any changes. Some fans discovered the uniforms of the University of California, Los Angeles, inferring that NBA 2K21 has a college basketball game. Banner ads in the game also set up a new area. The NBA 2K series is very popular, and in January 2019, 2K signed a 7-year agreement with the NBA. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that so many gamers still choose to buy games and Buy NBA 2K21 MT.