A lady made black players like "Animal Crossing"

  • In Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can customize your tropical island to your liking and ACNH Bells to redeem Nook Miles tickets to participate in the famous rock star dog show. But even if you can build your own perfect island, there is no curly hair option.

    A Denver resident once explained: “I was playing Animal Crossing on the sofa and thinking that if my avatar looked more like me, it would bring more fun.” She took a photo of the villager on her phone. And doodled some curly hair on her face, "I am very happy with my appearance and want to share this feeling."

    Bracken-Hucks posted a more similar photo of her on Facebook and edited it to include naturally curly black hair. Soon thereafter, it became popular. She said: “I was shocked when my Facebook post started to get thousands of likes.” People kept commenting for petitions, so I started. I don't know it will become so big. "The petition "Create more inclusive hairstyles for Animal Crossing" immediately unfolded, winning more than 15,000 signatures in less than three days. Today, the petition has exceeded 30,000 and has almost reached its goal of having 35,000 gamers give their names to Nintendo so that Nintendo can add curling options to the game.

    The petition asks developer Nintendo to choose more inclusive hair for the avatar in the game. Currently, it can be customized in hundreds of creative ways, but not beautiful elastic curls. "Everyone should feel representative when playing their favorite game and avatar. Ethnic hairstyles are often forgotten," Brecon-Hex wrote on the petition page. "Considering what happened in the U.S. regarding black rights, it's amazing to have gamers of all races appear on all gaming platforms."

    Considering that Animal Crossing will update the game regularly, there should be no doubt about the new fur options. In June, the company stated in an article about supporting Black Lives Matter on the official Nintendo account: “We are committed to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in all aspects of our business and what we do.” The latest update also It brings the long-awaited cloud storage and fireworks display to the game, which is a major task that players have been asking for since its release. But there is still no hair update. Considering their petition history, Nintendo seems to have known the players' demands for increased inclusiveness.

    As Bracken-Hucks explained to Digital Trends, “In a game with such a diverse community, the entire hair type is ignored. My hope is to make everyone feel represented,” Animal Crossing New Horizons released In its first month, 5 million digital copies were sold, more than any game in history. As isolation suddenly became the global norm, the economy was in a downturn.Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Sims provide a perfect way to escape reality. In the real world where both are often lacking, Animal Crossing provides a perfect vacation and comfortable socializing.