5 reasons to buy Madden 21

  • August means Madden 21 is just around the corner! Since your game budget is so competitive this year, here are the five reasons you buy Madden 21 and Cheap MUT 21 Coins.

    Franchise Faces – High School to Hall of Fame
    EA has been working hard to introduce the career model to Madden. The first is Longshot, which was bitten twice by a cherry. Last year was "Face of the Franchise", which has more prospects. This year is the "Face of Franchise-Rise to Fame". Your journey will not only start from high school, but will also include the chance to win two college football championships. You can also serve as QB, RB or WR this year. With the appearance of Rich Eisen and Snoop Dogg, this is an opportunity to realize the NFL dream.

    Gameplay-change user defense
    The #FixMaddenFranchise movement may continue to maintain a certain speed, but a major game adjustment may change Madden's strategy this year. User defenders will feel slower, which is counter-intuitive and actually a good thing. In the past few years, a good Madden player can cover almost the entire field with one player. We have even seen MUT players and defensive linemen conduct sideline interceptions. This greatly stimulated the game. Well, this should change in Madden 21. This means that there may be more than one way to play the game and develop some more diverse and exciting offensive strategies.

    In the Yard-New Backyard Football Model
    This has been leaked, but rarely confirmed. The paddock looks like a hybrid of the MUT house rule event and the superstar you created. The game mode is 6v6, described as "a new challenge to Madden with backyard rules!" It seems that it also includes online co-op and multiplayer games.

    Free next-generation upgrade
    Madden 21 will arrive on August 28, two or three months earlier than the next-generation console. But don’t worry about buying the game twice or waiting to get it on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Anyone who purchases Madden 21 on Xbox One’s PS4 will be dual-authorized and can upgrade to the next generation product for free!

    Uniforms and rookies etc.
    Several teams already have brand new uniforms. A series of sensational rookies also came into being. Several teams also moved to new homes. This is in line with the ideas of some players. The new cities and uniforms will undoubtedly make players full of freshness. Buy Madden 21 Coins allows you to experience the new uniform as soon as possible.