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    Adventure Island 2, the sequel to the popular MMORPG, originally released in Korea specifically, but it finally makes its way to the west and measured. The game is in a vibrant and wonderful world full of bizarre finish setting Zha biological and undertake the task. Since it is an online game, you can explore and head out to complete the task with friends or strangers. In addition, due to the Zhen é you want to play with other people, you will want to Zhen é, you can be more impressed as possible. To do this the way is very nice, come to the fore. To do this, you'll want to change your Zhen é character Zha clothes. Buy Animal Crossing Bells everything you need to know how to make clothes and change them.

    You need to head maplestory2 shop menu to change your character Zha clothes. You can do this by pressing J or click on the bottom right corner of the shopping cart. This will pull the shop, also known as meret market, you will be able to cycle through the different tabs to select the clothes, the type you are looking for. Yun l You can change your character Zha bar top, bottom, gloves, shoes, and so on. Simply select and buy those and you want your character will start to wear them when you return to the worldYou may need a lot of Meret Zhen é but if you prepare a shopping spree.